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Word-perfect every time! Capital Captions Video Transcription and Subtitle Services

Providing accurate, reliable, cost effective typing solutions to companies and individuals across the globe.

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Closed Captions

Closed Captions

Want to widen your target audience and ensure your audio visual material is accessible to the deaf and hearing impaired? We provide high quality closed caption services, ensuring your films and broadcast material are legally compliant as well as fully accessible to disabled audiences.



Considering make your videos or online media content accessible to deaf, hearing impaired or foreign audiences? We provide subtitle services to help you expand your reach, creating video content that is both accessible to a wider audience and great for your SEO.

Video Transcription

Video Transcription

Need to have your audio or video file data transcribed for research, reference or archiving? Capital Captions offer accurate and reliable video transcription services at competitive prices. Working within a range of sectors including medical transcription, legal transcription, financial transcription, and more...

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Why use Capital Captions Typing Services 

Whether working with video for television, video on demand services, DVD/BluRay production, broadcast, or even for social media distribution, outsourcing your captioning requirements and using online video transcription and subtitle services can save you both time and money…

Hiring full time staff can be expensive and many companies find that at peak times, they become short staffed and unable to deal with heavy workloads. In contrast to this, in quiet times, permanent staff may have little to be getting on with. Neither of these scenarios are ideal, so if you find that you are often faced with this situation, working with an online transcription and subtitle services company might be the perfect solution!

By outsourcing your work for video transcription and subtitle services online, you can rest assured that you pay only for the work that is carried out, and this allows you to both save money and use your funds more constructively. Just think how much you could be spending instead on growing your business, improving your marketing strategies, working on your SEO, and even hiring more permanent staff to take on work onsite.

Fast Turnaround Times 

In addition to potential cost savings, online typing services can be great as a staffing solution. We hire freelance transcriptionists and subtitlers internationally, which means we can provide out of hours services. Our round-the-clock availability of staff can be hugely beneficial when compared to regular staffing solutions.

When it comes to video production and distribution online, on TV or for VoD services, time is of the essence. The media sector is constantly held to tight deadlines for filming, editing, logging rushes, subtitling and finally, broadcasting. As a professional transcription and subtitle company, we understand this and as a result, offer our clients urgent subtitling services. Creating captions is something which a professional can do in a relatively short period of time. In contrast, for those without proper transcription and captioning software, the subtitling process can take far longer, with inferior results.

High Quality Video Transcription and Subtitle Services

For video makers, professional transcription and subtitle services are a must because subtitles are great for both SEO and video accessibility. Captioning is used on a global scale and therefore can affect the reach of your videos as well as the perception of your company. As a result, high quality captions are essential as poor quality could negatively impact your online reputation.

Our Clients

Because we are a UK based video transcription and subtitle services company, most of our clients trade in the UK.  However, we do also take on international clients who benefit greatly from the time difference which allows work to be done easily  outside  of office hours. As a result of this, faster subtitle turnaround times are readily available. Our company is based in Kent, but we are able to offer in-house services for clients in the Kent and London areas. Through both direct and agency work, we have provided closed captioning and subtitling services for some of the largest broadcasters and VoD service providers in the world.  

Whether you are a media company, television broadcaster, VoD service provider, vlogger or social media video maker, maybe it’s time you thought about using online video transcription and subtitle services with Capital Captions. 

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At Capital Captions, we take pride in our flexible, tailor-made approach to subtitling, closed captioning and video transcription services, We offer professional, reliable, cost effective services to clients across the globe.

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