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Video Subtitles for Children and Adults

Video Subtitles for Children

In today’s post, we want to take a look at how video subtitles for children compare to subtitles for adults. Video subtitling for Children’s films can be quite a different process to subtitling...

Translation and Closed Captioning for Websites

translation and closed captioning for websites

Capital Captions offer a comprehensive service for companies looking to add captioning to their websites’ video content. Starting from basic video transcription and working up to subtitling, translation...

The Great Caption Debate: Do We Need Subtitling Services?

When it comes to television and video entertainment, people can be seen as falling in two different categories: those that love subtitles and those that don’t… Closed captions are intended...

Amateur Subtitling and Professional Closed Captioning – Web vs Broadcast

Amateur Subtitling and Professional Closed Captioning Web vs Broadcast

With so many social media sites and video sharing opportunities around today, video and film making is no longer a practice reserved only for professionals. For professional filmmakers, subtitling or closed...

Which Subtitle Format to Use? (A Capital Captions Guide)

‘Which Subtitle Format to Use’ A Capital Captions Guide

For video makers both professional and amateur, when looking to distribute your videos either online or via broadcast, it’s important to consider adding subtitles. For broadcast programming and recently...

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