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Which Subtitle Format to Use? (A Capital Captions Guide)

‘Which Subtitle Format to Use’ A Capital Captions Guide

For video makers both professional and amateur, when looking to distribute your videos either online or via broadcast, it’s important to consider adding subtitles. For broadcast programming and recently...

The Benefits of Using the Correct Hardware and Software for Transcription

The Benefits of Using the Correct Hardware and Software for Transcription

Most people think of transcription work as; listen to the audio and type what is being said electronically on word. Right! Wrong. At Capital Captions we know there is so much more to it than that, for...

Transcription Services: Manual or Automatic

Transcription: Manual or Automatic

Over the last decade or so, technology has allowed the world of transcription to evolve beyond just the human transcriber. Clients are now able to select whether they would like their transcriptions automated...

Automated Transcription Services: Does Voice Recognition Work?

Automated transcription services versus professional human writers

At Capital Captions, we always do our utmost to keep up to date with the best and newest innovations in the transcription world. We believe transcription, subtitling and translation require genuine skill...

Meet the Team


Every month, Capital Captions will be creating a ‘meet the team’ blog which will feature a member of our valuable team so that you can get to know a little about them and their background....

Deaf Without Subtitles or Closed Captions – A Movie Quiz!

Hearing Loss and Subtitling - Movie One-liner quiz

At Capital Captions, we’re aiming to actively promote high quality subtitles and closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. We want to show the hearing community just how much hearing...

Transcription Services – Better Software for Better Results


Video or audio transcription can be a tricky process – one which involves many steps. With all of the technical aspects involved in the transcription process, whilst experience, qualifications and skill...


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