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Transcription Template Styles

So you have an audio or video file that you would like to have transcribed.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But visit a transcription service website and you will likely find you are confronted with a number of options covering what you thought was a fairly straightforward typing task. This blog covers our range of transcription template styles.

Transcription Template Styles

Choosing the right template for your project can be critical in terms of getting what you want out of your transcription.

Transcription Styles and Templates In terms of the transcription and audio typing industry, there is not one universal style of writing for audio/video transcripts, nor is there a set format for recording your information.

To help clarify Capital Captions’ transcription options, we have created the below table, providing information in the form of brief summaries to outline transcription terminology. We’ve covered a definition of what each term means, its benefits, when it is mostly commonly used and even more importantly, by whom…

Transcription Template Styles


Project Types

Client Types

Intelligent verbatim transcription Transcription which includes all dialogue spoken but excluding repetition, ums and ers, and fillers. Perfect when all information needs to be available in a style that is easy to digest. Research interviews, One to one interviews, Focus groups, Presentations, Conferences, Round table discussions, Podcasts, Vlogs, Dictations,  and more…, Market research, Medicine, Finance, Media, Journalism, Pharmaceuticals, Student, Property, Literature,
Verbatim transcription Word for word transcription, including repetition, ums and ers and fillers. Great where exact accuracy takes precedence over readability. Police interviews, Witness statements, Legal interviews, Evidence recordings, Transcription for analysis, Legal, Student, Psychology,
Edited transcription Transcription of speech which reorders sentence structure, corrects grammar and edits misspoken words for ease of reading. Brilliant for transcripts where information should be condensed in a text friendly, easy to read format. Dictation, Conferences, Social media recordings, Key note speeches, Lectures Literature , Journalism, Website Writing, Blogging, Advertising, Marketing
Discourse analysis In-depth transcription in a verbatim style which also includes description of pauses, laughter, stutters and other sounds. Essential for transcripts where speakers are going to be closely analysed. Police interviews, Evidence recordings, Interrogations, Psychology, Legal, Student, Philosophy
Time coded transcription Any of the above styles with the inclusion of time codes to mark the position within audio or video, (e.g. every 30 seconds / every speaker change).  For use where continuous reference and/or editing needs to be made between the transcript and the recording. Rushes transcription, Research interviews, Television programmes, Video on demand content, Website videos, Vlogs, Subtitles, Closed captions Media , Production, Student, Journalism, Advertising, Filmmaking

Choosing the right template for your project can be critical in terms of getting what you want out of your transcription. Getting your transcript style right first time can save you both time and money.

For example, you may have requested a discourse analysis transcript over an intelligent verbatim style. This meant your final document included  every tone change, pause, repetition and hesitation. This option was fine if you intended to closely analyse your speaker. But in this case, the script really just needed to be easily readable for circulation to your employees. Ultimately, doing your research beforehand and ordering an intelligent verbatim transcription would have saved you money (as discourse analysis is a significantly more expensive option). Added to this, it would also have saved time spent in making amendments, removing all of those nuances of speech that you paid extra money for in the first place!

If you would like more information or advice on what template best suites your needs, you can email us at Alternatively, if you know what you need and are ready to upload your transcription, feel free to contact us and Get a Quote.

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