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Closed Captioning Services – FAQs

Do you have a question about our closed caption services? Our closed captioning services – FAQs will try to answer them. At Capital Captions we understand that our clients may have several queries before requesting a quote from us. Here you will find some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about closed caption services. If you can’t find the information you are looking for in the closed captions FAQs, please contact us directly.

  • Why should I caption my videos?

    There are countless reasons to add closed captions to your videos, but one of the most important drivers for forking out for caption services is the legal regulations for television and video on demand services. Current regulations are in place to ensure all viewers access to information, including the deaf and hard of hearing. Whether you are producing programmes, videos, blogs, ads, or other audio visual content, closed captioning is a must.

    In addition, there are other significant benefits such as search engine optimisation, translation opportunities, increased viewer engagement and understanding. It would seem having closed captions added to your videos is a no-brainer.

  • Can you work with my transcripts?

    We are happy to accept video transcripts to work with for client subtitles. It’s worth noting, that though there may be discount on the transcription aspect of the work, this may be minimal as the majority time spent on creating closed captioning is on the formatting and additional elements. These include adding audio descriptions, changes of tone, speaker identification and applying styles to your subtitles. This is even before perfecting timing, formatting and reading speeds ready for export.

    Transcription of speech is just a small portion of what we do. For cheaper closed captions, if only dialogue is required, it may be worth instead considering a subtitling service.

  • Do you offer closed captions in different styles?

    Our closed captions services include the option for styling which includes changes to text size, colour and font. Styling also includes onscreen text animation options for either roll-up or pop-on closed captions. Just let us know your requirements and preferences, and we’ll do our best to cater to your needs.

  • What are the differences in closed captions formats for web or broadcast?

    For online videos, typical closed caption formats include .srt, .vtt or .ssa. These formats are quite simple in nature with minimal styling options available. For broadcast, the most common format is SSL which allows great flexibility in terms of caption placement, formatting, animation and style.

    For video content which is online, captions can be burned on, similar to a subtitle format. Effectively, burning means converting text to an image, which is placed on your video. For broadcast, closed captions are encoded into the television signal as text which is hidden in line 21 of the television set and can be turned on or off by the viewer.

  • Can you convert my closed captions ready for broadcast/web use?

    Our subtitlers are able to use our software to work with any current subtitle/closed caption files you have and convert them into your desired format. We also provide our captions in a variety of different formats for projects aired on different broadcast, web and television channels.

  • Do you provide closed captions for HD videos?

    We provide closed caption services for both HD and SD video online, for television broadcast, video on demand services and even for DVD or BluRay. Capital Captions work with a huge array of closed caption video file extensions. We will convert and edit your video files to preferred formats where necessary and alongside this, also provide high definition closed captioning services.

  • What are your prices for closed captions?

    We provide closed caption services which start from £3.00 per video minute. Closed captioning is a highly technical, specialised process which requires a lot of time, experience and training.

    We charge more for broadcast closed caption formats as in contrast to web closed captions or SDH, clients often require adherence to strict guidelines with specific formatting requests.

    Our urgent services of under 6 hours also carry an additional charge and are subject to availability.

  • How about your turnaround times for closed captions?

    If you have very short closed captions, we can work to tight deadlines of as little as six hours. Our ability to do this will depend on staff availability and current workloads.

    In order to carry out urgent closed caption work, it’s often best practice to schedule in a time for delivery of your videos to ensure we have capacity to meet your deadline.

  • How difficult is the closed captioning process?

    Closed caption transcriptionists and typists not only work to convert spoken word to text but also adhere to production house styles and include extra audio description in their work. Guidelines can vary from client to client so a lot of care and attention is involved in this process.

    Text timings need to be synced with video, and made accurate to 1/100 seconds. In addition to this, subtitlers need to regulate their description and text to allow reading time for viewers. Finally, the encoding of captions onto your videos and file delivery make the overall process highly complex.

All of our closed caption writers and transcriptionists are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before any work is undertaken.

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