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Financial Transcription Services

Capital Captions provide affordable financial transcription services for clients working in finance, including bankers, stock brokers, financial journalists, researchers and students. Our financial transcription services are accurate and articulate with fast turnaround times. 

Using Financial Transcription Services

Financial Transcription ServicesThe financial sector, especially within stocks and bonds can be highly volatile and it’s crucial that clients within the banking industry keep up to date with current events and trends affecting the current and future financial climate.

Businesses can use financial transcription services to record and circulate information gathered during conferences, round table discussions, board meetings or even one to one interviews with co-workers or clients. Recording information on current events within the financial markets both nationally and on a global level can be highly beneficial to making key decisions for the future of your business, and publishing that information online can be brilliant for search engine optimisation!

Capital Captions Transcription Services

Professional and Accurate with fast turnaround times to suit all budgets.

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Our Financial Transcriptionists

At Capital Captions, our financial transcriptionists possess at least five years transcription experience within the financial sector. Areas we cover within our financial transcription services are:

• Finance conferences
• Banking conferences
• Business round table discussions
• Annual meetings
• Seminars
• Interview transcription
• Focus group transcription
• eLearning and staff training

Financial Transcription Types

Depending on client requirements, we have different options to suit your financial transcription needs. We are happy always happy to work with client specifications including working with your own financial templates and letterheads, but our standard templates and house styles include:

• Intelligent verbatim transcription
• Verbatim transcription
• Time coded transcription
• Edited transcription
• Minute taking / Note taking
• Discourse analysis

Financial Transcription File Transfer

Transferring your files to us for financial transcription couldn’t be simpler. Provide the details of your requirements using our online Quotation Form and we’ll get back to you with a quote within two hours. If you’d like to go ahead with us, simply complete a Registration Form and Upload your Files.

Our go-to method for transferring audio, video or document files is our own secure ftp, DropBox, but if you have your own preferred file delivery method, we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. We can work with direct online links to media on your website, YouTube or other social media; we can accept files sent through WeTransfer, YouSendIt, direct via email or even via post.

Financial Transcription Process

Once your conference, interview or other audio file has been uploaded to our site, we will allocate your project for transcription with the most suitable transcriptionist for your needs. Financial transcriptionists should have experience and knowledge of jargon used in the banking industry, correct spellings of abbreviations and top 50 FTSE company names, as well as other technical terms.

Finance Transcription Turnarounds

For finance transcriptions, we offer the turnaround times as follows:

• Urgent 4 Hour Transcription
• Overnight/24 Hour Transcription
• Standard 48 Hour Transcription
• Budget One Week Transcription

Contact us now for your quote via email at or call us on +44 (0) 1634 867 131.

Subtitle Services

  • Broadcast Subtitles
  • Subtitles for Films
  • Online Video Subtitles
  • Television Subtitles
  • Subtitle Placement
  • Subtitle Formatting

Closed Captions

  • Broadcast Closed Captions
  • VoD Closed Captions
  • Closed Caption Formatting
  • Captions for the Deaf
  • Caption Regulations
  • Amazon Closed Captions

Translation Services

  • Foreign Subtitles
  • YouTube Translation
  • Video Translation
  • French Translation
  • Captions and Formatting
  • VoD Translation

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