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Transcription Services for Media (and Add-Ons)

Transcription services for the media

At Capital Captions we work alongside media and production companies to transcribe articles and interviews. We also work tirelessly to subtitle videos and closed caption broadcast, television and online...

How to Translate Subtitles Like a Pro!

How to Translate Subtitles

With the explosion of social media videos and online file sharing, finding international audiences for your videos is a lot easier than it used to be. For videos that rely on visual material and music,...

Keeping Down Audio and Video Transcription Service Prices

Audio and Video Transcription Service Prices

Do you have a lot of audio or video data that needs to be recorded and transcribed into a text format? If so, outsourcing to a transcription company online can save you time and money. When outsourcing...

Closed Captioning or Subtitling for E-Learning Courses

Subtitling for E-Learning Courses

Capital Captions subtitlers work hard to caption online courses, corporate training programmes, tutorials and e-learning videos for international clients. There are a huge number of benefits to adding...

Protect Your Hearing – Television Subtitles as an Alternative to Increasing Volume

television subtitles and hearing loss

Captioning services including VoD, broadcast and television subtitles are typically thought of as catering to deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Closed captioning is typically aimed at viewers with restricted...

The Benefits of Video Translation and Subtitling

Video Translation and Subtitling

Creating and publishing videos about your company’s services on social media can be a great way to enhance your online presence. In fact, if you are looking to expand your market and promote your...


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Subtitle Services

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At Capital Captions, we take pride in our flexible, tailor-made approach to subtitling, closed captioning and transcription services, We offer professional, reliable, cost effective services to clients across the globe.

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