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Transcription and Dictation Services

Capital Captions provide high quality, low cost transcription and dictation services. We can type your letters, reports, essays, books and transcripts, as well as any other documents, covering a range of different professions and industries. We hire professional transcriptionists, specialising across a range of industries, including medical transcription, legal transcription, media transcription and more. 

Our Transcription and Dictation Services

Capital Captions provide dictation services for a range of industries requiring secretarial services, including:

  • GP dictation services
  • Loss adjusting dictation services
  • Legal dictation services
  • Medical dictation services
  • Property dictation services
  • Research dictation services
  • Academic dictation services
  • Student dictation services

Why Use Dictation Services

Using dictation services online can save you money when compared to hiring permanent staff to type out your reports, letters or surveys. Capital Captions transcriptionists work with typing speeds in excess of 70 words per minute. Consequently, that thousand word report that might take you an hour to type out could potentially take a typist just a little over ten minutes, freeing up your time to get on with more work.

In addition to this, permanent staff require permanent salaries. Outsource your typing services to a transcription company online and consequently, only ever pay for files that are actually typed, calculated at a cost per audio minute.

Transcription and dictation services can also be great for busy times in the office. Because your in-house staff are busy with phone calls, greeting clients and working on this years accounts, they might not have time to keep on top of your transcription requirements. Hiring a transcription company online means you can allow your permanent staff to work on the more pressing tasks at hand.

Capital Captions Transcription Services

Professional and Accurate with fast turnaround times to suit all budgets.

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Client Templates

We are happy to either provide our own templates, or work with our clients transcription house styles, templates and reporting guidelines for dictation services and can provide a tailor made service for no extra cost.

We offer dictation services in a range of styles. Intelligent verbatim transcription is the most commonly used style. It includes all dictation, but omits repetitions, ahs and erms, for a professional read. Verbatim transcription style is useful for clients who want to use dictation services but still maintain full control over the completed document. It’s suitable for clients who would prefer to make any omissions and changes themselves. Edited transcription is a great option for confident clients who have worked to build up a relationship with a regular online transcriptionist or virtual assistant. Edited transcription allows typists the freedom to make grammatical and syntactical changes to dictation in order to provide an immaculately written completed document.

Dictation and Transcription Service Rates

Our rates for dictation services start at ¬£1.00 per audio minute for general dictation with a 24 hour turnaround.  For medical dictation, we charge ¬£1.20 per audio minute. Along with competitive rates, we also provide fast turnaround times as required, including: 

  • Urgent under 6 hour service
  • Standard 24 hour service
  • Budget 48 hour service

If you are interested in using our online transcription and dictation services, contact us today for a dictation service quote. Alternatively, check out our document formatting services for more complex typing projects.

Subtitle Services

  • Broadcast Subtitles
  • Subtitles for Films
  • Online Video Subtitles
  • Television Subtitles
  • Subtitle Placement
  • Subtitle Formatting

Closed Captions

  • Broadcast Closed Captions
  • VoD Closed Captions
  • Closed Caption Formatting
  • Captions for the Deaf
  • Caption Regulations
  • Amazon Closed Captions

Translation Services

  • Foreign Subtitles
  • YouTube Translation
  • Video Translation
  • French Translation
  • Captions and Formatting
  • VoD Translation

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At Capital Captions, we take pride in our flexible, tailor-made approach to subtitling, closed captioning, video translation and video transcription services. We offer professional, reliable, cost effective services to clients across the globe.

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