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The Benefits of Interview Transcription

benefits of transcribing an interview.

Whatever your profession, it’s likely at some point in your career, you will have had to interview someone on tape. Recorded interviews can be very handy to have, but hard to work with and there are many benefits of interview transcription. Below we list the top reasons our clients choose to have their work transcribed by us.

Transcription to Search for Key Words in your Interviews

Transcribing your interviews, converting audio to text has many benefits. Trawling through a 60 minute interview just to locate one word can be time consuming and tedious. Transcribing your interview as a Word document means you can just use the find function. Just press ‘Ctrl+F’ on your keyboard, then type the sentence or word you are looking for into the search box. Hey presto, there it is!

This means that it takes literally seconds to find what you need inside the text instead of wasting minutes or even hours listening to audio to search it out. On top of this, having everything already transcribed means that when you want to reference or quote any lines, all you need to do is copy and paste. Audio transcription effectively indexes your information, making your interviews searchable and easy to reference.

Transcription for Archiving.

In this digital age, we like to back up everything onto hard drives, USBs, CDs, DVDs and the cloud. While great in terms of saving space, this makes it easy to forget that we should sometimes print out and file our documents the old fashioned way. One of the benefits of interview transcription is it allows you to file and store your records away and if necessary always have them to hand, without worrying about losing your information if your media player becomes obsolete. 

Sharing Transcripts with Multiple Partners.

One of the great benefits of interview transcription is that it digitally condenses your information. Documents are small in size and easy to manage as compared to audio or video files which are typically quite large.  This means your clients can benefit from being able to review, collate and analyse your interview data quickly and easily. Sending audio files takes longer than sending documents via file transfer protocols, email or even post. Therefore, an interview transcript is safer, faster and simpler.

Transcription to Make Sure Nothing is Missed

Many often assume that it’s easy to transcribe an interview. Just book a meeting room, invite a respondent, press record and hey presto! But transcription isn’t that easy. Recordings are almost never perfect and an amateur can struggle to understand or hear what is said in an interview. Professional transcriptionists are experienced with listening to interviews with loud background noise, strong accents and over speaking. While your staff spend hours trying to decipher important dialogue in that fogging audio, you can read through what was said in minutes. Interview transcription can save both time, effort and money.

So there you have it, the top benefits of interview transcription. If you need to get your interviews transcribed, why not look at our transcription services or send us an email to get your project started. 

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