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Types of Medical Transcription

Medical transcription types

Here at Capital Captions, we provide medical transcription services for some of the top medical specialists and surgeries, as well as private  and NHS hospitals in the U.K. We provide medical transcription which include reports, letters, surveys, medical conferences, interviews and referrals. In addition, because we understand the time constraints and budgets involved in working in the medical industry, we offer urgent medical transcription services for highly competitive prices. We are passionate about our typing services so today we’re going to give you a rundown of some the types of medical transcription work we can take on for you. 

Types of Medical Transcription and their Purposes

Throughout the medical world, specialists use different types of medical transcripts for various purposes. The key requirements in medical transcription usually involve:

  • Fast delivery of medical transcription files
  • Accurately transcribed medical spellings and jargon
  • Competitive transcription service prices
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and data security

At Capital Captions, we work with medical transcription on a regular basis. We work with a huge range of different transcription, audio recording, template and writing styles, so let’s start with the simple stuff. 

Medical Report Dictation

Perhaps the most prevalent, well known types of medical transcription is report dictation. We all know the story. You go to your doctor; he or she examines your ailments and then suggests a course of action. However, just before you leave, you notice them picking up their dictaphone, ready to recount everything that has been discussed with you. They will then send this dictation to their secretary or a professional transcriptionist who will type their findings into a medical report. This report can both be filed on record for the next time you visit the doctors and/or passed onto another specialist in the form of a referral.

This is probably the type of medical transcription that people are familiar with. GP and specialist medical dictations can typically include: 

  • Dictation of patient letters
  • Medical referral letters
  • Medical Reports
  • Summaries of medical assessment

Below are some more medical transcription types that also happen:

  • Medical Conference Speeches
  • Transcription from dictation of GP referral letters
  • Training/Educational Videos

Medical Conference and Symposium Transcription

Specialists in the medical sector are often invited to attend international medical conferences and symposiums to discuss and explore new technologies, innovations and developments around their chosen area of specialism. Key note speakers at medical conferences are typically invited from all over the world, as well as respected professionals at the height of their careers. Consequently, we hire highly trained, experienced English Medical transcriptionists who are able to understand spoken English in a variety of accents. In addition, Capital Captions offer foreign transcription and medical translation services where speakers use other languages. 

Medical transcriptionists who work with medical conferences and symposiums require an advanced level of subject knowledge. They also require excellent research skills in order to ensure correct spellings and information around drugs which are often still facing clinical trials.

At Capital Captions, we offer: 

  • Medical conference transcription (both English and foreign transcription)
  • Symposium and conference translation
  • Round table transcription
  • Medical presentation subtitling and closed captioning
  • Podcast and infomercial transcription 
  • Training and educational video transcription
  • and more…

Medical Interview Transcription Services

Professionals in the medical world often carry out interviews and discussions on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis. Meetings and interviews can centre around developments in the pharmaceutical industry, regulation changes initiated by policymakers, medical charity updates and clinical treatment ideas as well as the welfare and practice of employees and practitioners. Professional researchers or clinicians will usually record medical interviews on a dictaphone, mobile phone or other basic recording device. For this reason, the sound quality of medical interview recordings is often compromised. As a consequence, we require that our medical transcriptionists have a good ear for poor quality audio. Our medical secretaries also possess the knowledge and software to ‘clean up’ digital sound as and when required.

Some of our medical interview transcription services include: 

  • Pharmaceutical research interview transcription
  • Staff and employee interview transcription
  • Student medical interview transcription
  • Telephone interview transcription
  • Medical focus group transcription
  • and more…

Medical Transcription for Reports 

Clinicians use medical reports to effectively determine patient prognoses and oftentimes, they will dictate these using a dictaphone or mobile phone. Standard protocol is usually to store medical reports on databases, spreadsheets or as documents ready for secretaries to send out to patients. 

The types of medical transcription available for reports include: 

  • Consultation Report – dictated by physicians on behalf of a patient. 
  • Client Medical History Report – dictated by admitting physicians when a patient is admitted to hospital. 
  • Physical Report – used to determine a patient’s physical state.
  • Radiology Report – dictated by radiologists upon completion of diagnostics procedures.
  • Pathology Report – produced by pathologists to report on findings of tissue samples. 
  • Laboratory Reports – used to describe findings of internal examinations.
  • Discharge Reports – dictated by admitting physicians at the end of a patients stay in hospital.

So as you can see, specialists use reports across a wide area of specialisms within the medical industry. In summary, here at Capital Captions we offer fast turnaround times, competitive prices and work with professional medical transcriptionists who type highly accurate reports every time. 

If you are looking for professional, dedicated medical secretaries for your medical transcription requirements, call us today for your no-obligation transcription quote. Alternatively, if you are a skilled medical transcriptionist looking for work and are able to type medical reports, documents or dictation letters, we welcome applications to Work with Capital Captions.

Alternatively if you would like more information on our transcription services take a look at our other offerings on our transcription services page. 

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