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Subtitle Translation Companies and How They Work

Subtitle Translation Companies and How They Work

Translating your videos into different languages is a brilliant want of both improving your SEO and appealing to a wider global audience. So you know what languages you want to translate, you have your videos ready and you’re all set to go… But what happens next? How do subtitle translation companies work? What will you need to provide in order to have your videos translated? And how do you know which translation company is best for you?

In this article we’ll identify four different aspects that subtitle translation companies work with to see what’s involved and which one could be the best method for your video.

  1. Direct Subtitle Translation

One of the cheaper options for translating your subtitles may be to translate directly from the source language. In this method, let’s say you want to translate your English video into French. The process here would be for a French linguist and subtitler to watch through and transcribe directly in French. They would subsequently sync the translation to the video and format as required. 

  1. Translating Subtitles from Source Language

This is the most accurate subtitle translation method. A transcriptionist and subtitler will work to subtitle a video in the source language. A linguist will then translate an .SRT file in the target language using a template, before working on formatting the captions. Once a template is created in the source language, the translation company can work on numerous languages from one file, ensuring the most consistent translations. Working from text is also the preferable method to ensure the most accurate translation.

  1. Foreign Subtitles using Document Translation

If you have a script of your film but don’t yet have subtitles, document translation may be an option. This method involves providing your chosen subtitle translation company with a source language script which will be translated before being formatted into subtitles. Some translation companies may also provide the option to use pre-translated scripts to create subtitles. This can be a good way to save costs on subtitling if your company has in-house translators or foreign speakers that can do the translation work.

  1. Subtitle Translation and Voiceover Services

Once you’ve created subtitles, you may also have the option to add foreign voiceovers to your videos. In terms of costs, voiceover services work out to the best value for longer videos. This is because studio time is factored into costs with minimums usually around two hours.

So there you have it, subtitle translation companies are great if you’re looking to work with professionals who can elevate or promote your videos to a wider audience. If you have a video in which you would like to add subtitle translation or voiceover services to, then why not head over to our quote page and see what our friendly team can offer you today. 

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