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Subtitling Services Technology

subtitling services technology

Capital Captions use professionally trained transcriptionists to take on video and audio typing and never use voice recognition software. Similarly, to ensure the best results, we rely on professional translators to translate our subtitles and avoid translation software. But that doesn’t mean we think that subtitling services technology isn’t important.

While I personally don’t believe in the current trend towards computers taking on human roles in the workplace, I do believe technological development should always be used to its fullest alongside human work. After all, economic worries and fears of cyborgs becoming a reality shouldn’t get in the way of improvements in the way things are done. So if you were wondering just what technology it takes to write good subtitles, look no further…

The four main areas in which we rely on subtitling services technology are:

  • Video Indexing for Shot Changes

When it comes to amateur versus video subtitling, video Indexing makes the difference. In this process, helper files are created to allow subtitlers to see important changes going on in a video. Notably, helper files log shot changes and graph fluctuating audio levels. When working on broadcast subtitling, preventing subtitles from lingering across shot changes is often a requirement. For online videos and Vimeo or YouTube subtitles, subtitling by shot isn’t mandatory but will give better results.

  • Audio Graphing

Audio logging and speech detection are at the forefront of professional subtitling services technology. Having speech graphed out helps subtitlers write subtitles that flow smoothly in-line with dialogue and don’t linger unnaturally across pauses. It also ensures the highest level of accuracy being able to sync captions using both an audio and visual guide.

  • Transcription Software for Speed

Whilst voice recognition software isn’t advanced enough to deal with with the intricacies of professional video transcription, transcription software on the whole, is essential for speed and quality. Transcription pedals free up subtitlers’ and translators’ hands for faster typing, meaning they don’t have to control audio using mouse. Pedals and professional software are also better than using standard media players because they effectively rewind a fraction of a second every time the video is stopped, which means that words don’t get missed out along the way.

  • File Transfer Protocols and Fiber Broadband

When it comes to subtitling services and technology, file transfer is at the forefront. Videos for broadcast are often delivered at high res and sometimes even from the grade, meaning they are typically very large and can take a long time to download. Capital Captions use a dedicated Dropbox account for all subtitling, closed captioning, translation and video transcription services. Uploading to our account is the most effective way to transfer files. However, we work with almost all other file transfer methods including other FTP sites, downloading direct from weblinks using specialist software and even burning and extracting from Blu-Rays and DVDs that we receive in the post.

So there you have it, four main ways in which we use subtitling services technology to improve our subtitles.

If you are looking for subtitling service providers or closed captioning of your films or videos, why not take a look at our closed captioning services page to get a better understanding of how we produce and deliver our work. If you know what you require, get a quote today. 

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