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Academic Transcription services for Students – How to Use It

Academic Transcription services for Students

Here at Capital Captions we pride ourselves on our academic transcription services for students. Despite the well known cliché we’ve all heard of students sitting around eating pot noodles, getting drunk and watching Countdown, life at university or college is hard. Student fees within the UK have meant that a smaller percentage of the population are now continuing onto higher education. With increased financial pressure and larger student loans come tighter time constraints and considerably squeezed budgets. This blog looks at academic transcription services for students, and how they can help ease the pressure in terms of both time and money.

 Student Transcription Services and Saving Time

Transcribing audio can be incredibly time consuming. For a professional transcriptionist with professional pedals, transcription software and typing speeds of 70wpm+, transcribing one hour of audio can take anywhere between three and four hours. Nowadays, a typical students routine will likely consist of carrying out research and interviews, reading, attending lectures, working, cooking and cleaning, as well as socialising. Students today just have the time to fit audio transcription onto that list.

At Capital Captions we provide Academic Transcription services for Students that is second to none. As a leading transcription company, we are able to carry out transcriptions in the following times in order to meet student deadlines:

  • Urgent student transcriptions in under 6 hours
  • Standard transcription services in 24-48 hours
  • A budget transcription service for one week

Academic Transcription on a Budget

Students are well known for being on tight budgets and are consequently offered discounts on a number of services. In regards to transcription services, many students may attempt to take on audio typing work themselves in order to avoid paying transcription fees. However, prices for transcription are typically very low and can save a lot of time and money as a consequence.

Transcription services typically start from £1.00 per audio minute and to an average transcriptionist, this equates to around £15/hr rate. If typing out an hour of audio takes a professional three hours, it will likely take an amateur without pedals or audio typing software at least six hours. Effectively this equates to a student working at a rate of £6/hr (less than the minimum wage). The effort, work and time spent just doesn’t justify the cost savings. Those saved hours could be spent working for two and a half hours on minimum wage to pay for the transcription, with at least three hours to spare to work on research, writing or even just eating those pot noodles!

Capital Captions Transcription Services for students start from just £1.00 per audio minute, working to a typing price structure depending on audio quality, writing style and number of speakers.

Student Transcription Services to Suit your Needs

For research projects, students are often required to carry out research in the form of audio recorded discussions. Audio files then need to be transcribed and referenced in essays, dissertations and research. Capital Captions provide a number of transcription and typing services to suit different projects including:

  • Focus group transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Dictation
  • Dissertation proofreading
  • Presentation and essay formatting
  • Telephone call transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • And more…

Academic Transcription Services for Students

We provide professional student transcription services to suit all budgets and time frames.

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