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Using Modern Video Transcription and Typing Services to Grow your Business

Video Transcription and Typing Services for your Business

At Capital Captions we know the difference using video transcription and typing services can make to your business. As any bona-fide business owner or manager knows, video publishing is a great way to advertise your business and brand. Consumers love to engage, share and comment on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook videos. This new form of advertising has changed the marketing world forever. This blog looks into how using modern video transcription and typing services for your business can help it grow. The transcription services include closed captioning, subtitling and video translation that can expand the reach of your business. It also goes into the history of business advertising both in terms of video and written publications.

Marketing Strategies Prior the Internet

In order to understand how best to use writing and video transcription services to market your business today, we need to look at some of the major strategies used in the past.

Way back before the internet was around, advertising centred largely around advertising in either hard copy or on television. Newspaper and magazine adverts were both expensive and finite. Once readers had bought a publication, they would then throw it away, ready to read the next edition. Similarly, broadcast video advertising slots were incredibly expensive in terms of production and slot allocations, with prices varying enormously between channels and time slots. If a viewer went out to make a cup of tea during a commercial, that would be it – opportunity over!

Other major strategies ‘back in the day’ were to use either flyers, leaflets, business cards or the like to make consumers aware of your products or services. This requires vast amounts of printing as well as negotiations with local businesses and payments to contract staff to distribute written material. In addition, the benefits of this type of marketing were often minimal for a number of reasons. Should a reader be uninterested in the material, they are likely to throw it away. Alternatively, a reader may keep the information and purchase the product or service but will be unable to replicate and effectively share the information with other potential consumers.

The Benefits of Video Transcription Services and Marketing Today

There are a number of marketing options available to businesses today which focus both on video services and the written word. There are also number of ways to use translation services and transcription to reach out to new clients and customers. 

Social Media Subtitling, Video Transcription, Captioning and Translation Services

There are two options when it comes to video advertising on social media: paid for advertisements or no-cost video sharing. Typically, smaller business will opt for no cost video sharing whilst larger corporations are more likely to opt for paid for advertising which will pop up or precede videos within a given genre. Video transcription services and closed captioning are vital in order to make the best of both worlds but there are many ways you can use writing services to increase your potential audience including:

  • Video Transcription is used to either assist with video editing or create additional marketing material to be used alongside videos. Transcription services are also a prerequisite to closed captioning, subtitling or translation.
  • Video Subtitling helps with search engine indexing and can improve engagement and focus.
  • Closed Captioning ensures accessibility for deaf and hearing impaired audiences.
  • Foreign Subtitling and Video Translation is an invaluable tool for reaching out to a global audience.

There are a huge number of social media sharing sites for video. The major competitors are obviously Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube but others include Viddler, Ustream, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Blip.TV and more. It’s important for businesses to always upload at least a transcript to accompany videos, even just to provide enough keywords for your content to be found.

Website Video Transcription

Google and other search engines love video content. It’s fast becoming one of the major ranking factors in good SEO strategies and embedding business videos onto your website can really strengthen your results. As great as website videos are, choosing not to transcribe businesses videos will greatly reduce their potential. 

While uploading and turning on social media and YouTube subtitles is very simple, subtitling website videos can be a little more complex. Subtitle and closed caption compatibility can become an issue as different video display platforms recognise different subtitle formats. Typically, HTML5 websites will use WebVTT, whilst many others will require SRT, SSA or TTML (Timed Text).

The best way to ensure video accessibility and adequate website subtitles is to burn the captions onto your videos. This means that your video subtitles will display permanently as part of an image. For global businesses which use a number of different domains based on location, subtitle translations can be crucial and should work out far cheaper than dubbing or remaking video content in each language.

Other ways to Use Video Transcription and Writing Services

There are so many ways to use video transcription and writing services to help your business grow. Here’s a quick summary, along with some new, innovative ideas:

  • Use social media and website transcription to improve SEO
  • Use online video translation services to reach foreign audiences
  • Improve accessibility through closed captions for the deaf, and include visual descriptions and forced narrative for the blind.
  • Use both video transcription and typing services in order to create complementary content for your videos. For example, using meta data, summaries, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Summarise and edit your video transcripts into a format suitable for a press release
  • Use online copywriting services to tailor your social media tweets and posts to attract more viewers to your content

So as you can see, there are many benefits to using a typing company to provide transcription services for your business. If you like what you see then why not take a look at some of our great videos and get in touch with us today for a quote and see how we can help your business grow.

Subtitle Services

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Closed Captions

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Translation Services

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