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Conference Transcription Services

Conference Transcription services

Introducing a great keynote speaker at an industry event can make a big difference to your audience. Conferences are brilliant as marketing platforms for your products, services or ideas. But once you’ve presented your information at a conference, how do you go about capturing that speech so that it can be shared with absent colleagues or business partners? Well, that’s where conference transcription services come in.

Conferences take place across many sectors, from media and the arts to finance and law. They also come in a variety of different forms; from formal conferences with designated speakers to informal conferences with allocated Q&As as well as audience participation.

Those lucky enough to frequently attend high level conferences will know how frustrating and difficult it can be to retain information presented. Often, attendees leave at the end of the night, remembering that the last speech was magnificent but only actually retaining around 20% of its content.

Why Conference Transcription Services are Important

Look around a conference room and you will likely see people transfixed to keynote speakers. In addition, during the start of a conference, you may see attendees struggling to jot down notes on paper. Even with shorthand, live note taking can quickly become exhausting. This means that audiences are left without a way to document key points. Ultimately, what information is retained can only stay in attendee’s memories or be passed on with a ‘Chinese whispers’ effect. 

Both companies and professionals can make sure that this does not happen by hiring a typing company to carry out conference transcription services on their behalf. By taking along a video or audio recorder to your conference (with prior permission), copies of your video or audio can be transcribed into an easily indexed, referenced and circulated transcript.

Large branded companies spend an awful lot of money on corporate events. Typically, hosts incur costs in booking expensive hotels and hiring professionals in the industry, as well as in providing dinner, drinks and guest entertainment. In addition to this, it’s standard practice to print brochures as well as programmes to market corporate events. All of this comes at a cost, so why not go that bit further and use conference transcription services and publish your findings for your colleagues and clients. 

Specialists in Conference Transcription Services

Capital Captions transcriptionists are specialists in their field when it comes to conferences. Our transcriptionists will transcribe your conference audio into reader-friendly documents which can be used for marketing, research or communications. We can transcribe Q&A sessions, keynote speakers: any audible speech recorded from your conference.

One of the benefits of transcription is producing a permanent record of your conference to aid marketing for future events. Producing a permanent record means that your attendees need never miss a minute of that important keynote speech and can review it anytime.

Capture all the Details

Whilst no amount of writing can replace the atmosphere and excitement of a live event, creating a transcript can help to clarify and record the  key information and finer details. A conference transcript serves as an invaluable play-by-play covering who-said-what and when they said it.

A transcript of a conference can help in research as an aid to pinpointing key quotes. Transcripts allow the analysis of audience participation, applause and engagement. Understanding your audience is great as a market research tool where attendees are clients or customers.

Another benefit of getting audio information down into words is publication and training. In summary, you can circulate transcripts and written materials to employees in the future. Conference transcriptions can be an invaluable tool for  staff training or development.

Our transcriptionists can isolate individual speakers and make notations even with over-speaking and interruptions in recordings. Our team of expertly trained transcriptionists are experts in their field. They will research your conference topic to ensure the accuracy of spellings, names, key facts, data and information.

Easy and Secure File Transfer

Our file transfer protocol is simple and easy to use. Simply go to the ‘upload files’ page where you can upload your files to our direct drop box service.

Capital Captions provides conference transcription services for many different sectors, these include medical, video transcription, media, financial, legal and many more. So for more information, take a look at our Conference Transcription service page and contact us for your free quote today.

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