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Research Transcription Services Explained

research transcription services

Do you work within the research sector or take on a lot of research as part of your job role? Do you sometimes find yourself trawling through hours of sometimes meaningless audio or video data? Are you interested in saving time and money by using online research transcription services? If so, read on to find out more about research transcription best practice and how transcription can benefit your company.

Planning and orchestrating research interviews, then effectively identifying and measuring results takes a lot of skill. The results of extensive research may be great, but the process can be both difficult and time consuming. Dealing with research material in an audio or video format often involves high levels of staffing resources, time and money. 

Recorded research interviews, conferences or symposiums are incredibly useful in collating information, but in order to analyse and collate data, first it needs to be put down into words.

Organise and Collate your Data

Whether you’re a large multinational company or a small startup business looking to grow, gathering data is time and labour intensive. You may find that you need to waste time reviewing hours of taped recordings before any meaningful analyses can be made or conclusions reached. Rather than trudging through hours worth of recordings, the best option is to have an online typing company get those audio recordings and videos transcribed into documents that are well written, searchable and easily referenced. 

Research transcription services have two main benefits. Firstly, transcription allows you to pick through research much quicker in order to pick out specific points. Secondly, documents are more easily shared and circulated than media material. Consequently, having a transcript ready means you can ask multiple members of staff to share research tasks, saving time.

You may think transcribing your interviews will save time, the transcription and note taking processes can be excruciatingly slow. Hiring a professional transcription company to take on your transcription work is far more practical than attempting to work in-house. Ultimately, research transcription services free up your staff to spend time on more important aspects of their research. 

Time Coded Research Transcription Services

In summary, hiring a professional transcription company can be highly beneficial to your research company. Indeed, audio typing services can often prove invaluable to any company looking to embark on research. However, transcription takes many forms: intelligent verbatim, verbatim, discourse analysis, time coded and Jefferson notation, amongst others… So which is best for research purposes? 

For research recordings generally, we would first recommend time coded transcription services. If you need to cross reference points in your transcript against your source material, time coded research transcription allows you to quickly locate time points. Time Coded Transcription is brilliant if you require a high level of accuracy, for instance, double checking figures citations. 

Of course, there are many other transcription services on offer such as intelligent verbatim, discourse analysis and  professional video transcription can also bring different advantages to analyzing your data. Contact your chosen transcription company to discuss what style best suits your requirements. 

Capital Captions offer affordable, reliable research transcription services to quickly transcribe your market research interviews, focus groups or social interactions. If you require a professional transcription company, feel free to contact us for a quote or just pick up some free advice on the way forward. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and can transcribe your research findings accurately and with the minimum of fuss.

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