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Keeping Down Audio and Video Transcription Service Prices

Audio and Video Transcription Service Prices

Do you have a lot of audio or video data that needs to be recorded and transcribed into a text format? If so, outsourcing to a transcription company online can save you time and money. When outsourcing transcription work, typically you pay for minutes typed as opposed to hours worked. From the outset, online video and audio transcription services equal absolute value for money. However, there are some additional tips to keep typing costs down whilst also ensuring the best results.

Eliminate Unnecessary Speaker Transcriptions

Most audio and video transcription service prices are based on one to two speakers as standard. The majority of typing companies add a levy for every speaker or every two speakers on top of the standard charge. Working with audio recordings with multiple speakers means transcriptionists have to spend time identifying extra speakers, transcribing over speaking and working with a range of different voices (some possibly with accents).

In order to keep audio and video transcription service prices down, it’s well worth considering eliminating unnecessary speakers from your conference, focus group, round table or interview recordings. Keeping the number of respondents or interviewers down means lower transcription costs. It can also help to ensure higher quality transcripts with less over-speaking or ‘inaudible’ sections.   

Keep your Recordings to the Point

Charges for audio and video transcription are almost always calculated on a per audio minute basis. Keeping your recordings as short and ‘to the point’ as possible can go a long way to keeping costs down as less minutes equals less pounds.

Some ideas and examples of this can be as follows:

If you are looking at transcribing telephone interviews, avoid recording whilst you’re waiting on hold or the phone is ringing. Similarly, if you’re recording a focus group, maybe start the recording once all of the respondents have settled in to begin the discussion. Just consider, is it really necessary to record introductory conversations about the traffic, drinks on offer or any other unfocused chitchat.

Consider Audio and Video Sound Editing

Poor sound quality can add a significant amount of money to transcription costs. Unfortunately, it can also lead to compromised transcription results. Making efforts to ensure that you use microphones when recording audio. Choosing a quiet room and minimising background noise can help you to avoid extra transcription charges.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Urgent Transcriptions

Urgent transcription services can vary in terms of what timescales are available. Some companies offer transcription turnarounds as short as under 6 hours and others work on 24 hour minimums. Urgent transcriptions can be necessary within some sectors; notably journalistic, media, news, radio, legal and financial transcription. However, for many projects, paying top price for urgent transcription is easily avoidable if you plan ahead. If your research project is due in two weeks and your audio is ready for transcription, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Capital Captions provide affordable, reliable, high quality audio and video transcription services. If you’d like to keep costs down for your audio typing requirements, contact us today for a Transcription Quote.

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