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The Benefits of Video Translation and Subtitling

Video Translation and Subtitling

Creating and publishing videos about your company’s services on social media can be a great way to enhance your online presence. In fact, if you are looking to expand your market and promote your business online, we can think of no better way. However, as simple as video marketing strategies sound, filming and uploading content is only the start. In order to truly promote and enhance the accessibility of your content, you really need to consider adding subtitles and translations to your captions too!

Video subtitling or closed captioning is where typed text is displayed onscreen, appearing simultaneously to match the spoken dialogue. Regulations were originally formulated around closed captioning in order to aid the deaf and hearing-impaired (SDH). However, more recently, video subtitling and translation services have been used to promote content in many other ways.

Subtitle translation or foreign subtitling uses the same processes as English subtitling. Dialogue is transcribed, then timed to sync with speech. Finally, the onscreen text is formatted, styled and saved in the appropriate subtitle format for the viewing platform. For example, DVD, Blu-Ray, YouTube or broadcast subtitles. The only difference with foreign subtitles is that translation is added to the working process, helping to make your video much more accessible to foreign readers.

The Importance of Subtitling and Translating your Videos

The biggest benefit of using subtitling services for online video is search engine optimization (SEO). Effectively, including searchable text means that viewers can more easily find and therefore engage with your videos.

The digital age has allowed many businesses to thrive and grow across continents. The Internet’s growing importance in the business world is allowing companies to communicate with each other like never before. One thing to consider as a major hurdle for companies working primarily online is email communications and the language and tonality barrier. However, with networks such as Skype and Facebook Live, working relationships are easier than ever to build. 

For companies producing videos with the sole purpose of promoting  services and products, video transcription, subtitling and translation services are crucial. Adding subtitles to translate your videos into as many different languages as possible maximizes the reach of your films, ads or documentaries globally. Used wisely, video translation and subtitling services can help you to grow your business and promote your services.

The Best Ways to Make Use of Video Subtitling and Translation

Video translation and subtitling services have seen enormous growth in today’s online markets. Videos that have been recorded and subtitled in different languages are proven to garner larger viewing audiences. Visual media with subtitle translation also has a higher chance of going ‘viral’. This fact makes foreign subtitling services a very effective marketing tool for any business. 

Translated video subtitles allow you to prepare videos for potential viewers specifically chosen languages for specific countries and regions. In order to ensure that video content is relevant to new international audiences, foreign subtitles can be localised. For instance, a fireworks infomercial in the US may refer to Independence Day. However, the same advertisement in the UK should instead refer to Guy Fawke’s Night, or Bastille Day in France.  Capital Captions work with some of the best linguists in the world; translators who look into the small details, localising video translations in their foreign subtitling. 

Video Translation and Subtitling Software

We understand that software exists that can automate subtitles and translate videos. Subtitle automation can at appear at first glance to be a fast and cost effective solution for some companies. However, we value quality and respect end users of video content. Therefore, we NEVER work with automated software. At Capital Captions we understand there is never any substitute to the captioning and subtitling work of native, professional linguists. Subtitling requires high levels of accuracy, linguistic understanding and the ability to work on your own initiative, making difficult literary decisions. In summary, both foreign and English subtitling should be considered an art form, requiring human care and attention. 

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