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Video Transcription Vs Audio Transcription

Video Transcription Vs Audio Transcription

In today’s world of fast thinking and fast working, we all need to make smarter decisions. Transcription is a time consuming process but one that serves many useful purposes. Today we will be taking a look at the benefits of Video Transcription Vs Audio Transcription to see which service comes out on top and why you should consider outsourcing your audio and video transcriptions online. 

Video Transcription Vs Audio Transcription

We have many clients who often are not sure when it comes to transcription. We understand it can be difficult to decide whether or not it is best to record onto audio or video before submitting work to us. Often, the case is that the file format is determined by the nature of their work. For instance, a medical transcription is often undertaken using dictation from the GP, where an audio recording is the only practical option in the surgery. The same typically applies to office interviews or focus groups. In contrast, a film production company will be recording and editing onto video so this will be their standard format. 

Advantages to using Video Transcription

If you have a video file available to send to your chosen transcription company, there can be some very distinct advantages to using video recordings over audio. To keep things simple, we have included advantages in green, and disadvantages in red: 

  • Easier for transcriptionists to differentiate and identify multiple speakers
  • Better transcription results as transcriptionists have both a visual and audio reference 
  • Accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing viewers when used in conjunction with subtitling or closed captioning services
  • Better user experience and engagement when transcription is used for SEO and/or advertising
  • Larger file sizes meaning slower uploads, conversions and turnaround times 
  • Professional video recording equipment can be expensive 

Advantages to using Audio Transcription

  • Audio files are typically smaller, faster and easier to share electronically
  • Audio transcription can be cheaper than video transcription
  • Professional grade equipment for audio recording is less expensive than professional video recording equipment
  • No option for subtitling unless converting audio to video with static images or a blank background
  • Limited opportunity for engagement with deaf or hard of hearing audiences outside of reading a standalone transcript

Whilst there are always reasons for certain companies to choose either video transcription or audio transcription, here at Capital Captions we take great pride in the quality of all our work.  Our transcription services are highly flexible and we do our utmost to accommodate our clients’ needs. Whatever your video or audio format, whatever your template style or translation requirements, we are here to help. 

So there you have, video transcription Vs audio transcription in a nutshell. Our professional opinion is that whichever option you go with, it is always worthwhile transcribing and backing up your media files. If you would like to check out our Video transcription services or would like more information on our transcription services email us now at

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