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4 Reasons Why You Should Subtitle Your Videos

If you work within the media industry, film production services or television broadcasting then you are probably already familiar with subtitles and closed captions and their importance. Closed captioning is one of the fastest growing industries and is predicted to get even bigger as video trends are more in demand. There are a plethora of reasons why subtitling is becoming more popular and why you should subtitle your videos.

If you run a business and want to grow it to its full potential, read on to find out why subtitles and closed captioning can make a huge difference to your business and why you should subtitle your videos.

Captions help the audience understand Without Audio.

It’s a proven fact that over 80% of social media users ultimately watching promotional videos without sound. With Facebook making it simple to view videos through auto-play, most viewers simply end up watching movies in the background, without having any idea what the product is.

Of course, there are benefits to this, such as being able to watch videos in noisy environments. But the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. After all, what is the point of watching an advert if you don’t know what the product is? This is where subtitles come in. By adding captions to all of your social media videos, they can be made to auto-play via Facebook, twitter or Google so viewers need not miss the point.

Reach a Wider Audience.

Adding subtitles and captions to your videos ensures that you can reach audiences well beyond your chosen country or region. Most large companies have now adapted their videos to have a full complement of the most common languages captioned. This is an attempt to try and get their products in front of new audiences to expand their global reach.

Increase Viewing Time.

According to research from various social media sites, videos that are viewed with captions are proven to increase viewing time. It appears that if you can get your audience to read through your video this can makes it more engaging for the viewer and therefore more likely to get to the end of your video. So remember to subtitle your videos. Another big bonus of adding captions to videos is SEO. Making the most of SEO  has a huge impact on organic traffic to your site, if done correctly.

Increase User Engagement.

While some social media videos can be short and to the point, others can be longer and require more attention. It’s a fact that people either engage with the video or leave the video altogether within 3 seconds of starting. Adding subtitles to the video helps the chances that the viewer will be engaged for longer.

Adding subtitles and closed captions to your videos will help make the viewer’s experience more enjoyable, with or without sound. It also benefits from SEO and marketing.

So, if you are looking to subtitle your videos or caption them using a professional subtitling and closed captioning company, why not contact us today for a free and competitive subtitling quote.

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