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Signs of a Reputable Video Transcription, Translation and Subtitling Company

Signs of a Reputable Video Transcription, Translation and Subtitling Company

Finding a reputable video transcription, translation and subtitling company can be harder than it seems. Although there are many companies who offer these services, not all of them are trustworthy and can guarantee of getting the job done to a high standard.

In today’s post we’ll look into this to find out what you’ll need to know to get the best subtitles. These are the four things you should look for in a good video transcription, translation and subtitling company:

  • Transcription Services

A large portion of the subtitling process revolves around quality transcription services. Video transcription builds the foundations of good subtitles. If there’s errors in the original audio typing of your video, already there’s likely to be errors in finished results. Do your research and avoid companies that promise to create cheap subtitles created using voice recognition software.

  • Translation Services

Translation is not just about transposing text from one language to another, word by word. There are nuances in language, and localisation is really important in translation. Be sure to find a company that values translation as an art form. A company that can retain the style, context and structure of the original video. Similarly, steer clear of direct translations in subtitling. Subtitles should always be created in the source language and translated thereafter, for the best results.

  • Subtitling Packages: Video Editing, Encoding and Caption Burning

Working with .srt files is fine if your videos are going to be used generically for social media. However, if you are looking to caption videos on your website, burn DVDs or Blu-Rays, or use your videos in global presentations or for e-learning, a more thorough approach is needed. Whether you are looking at using TTML subtitles in order to match your branding or you need subtitles to be burned into your videos to display permanently, choosing a company that provides these services as a package will save you money in the long term.

  • Research your Chosen Subtitling or Closed Captioning Company  

It can be very tempting, especially when working with large amounts of video, to go with the cheapest company. However, this may mean a focus on subtitle automation instead of human subtitling work. The results of automated subtitles are often well below par, and you may find that a company relying on machine generated transcription, translation and subtitling may also rely on machine generated customer service.

At Capital Captions, we value top quality video transcription and subtitling. We take a human approach, and work with professional transcriptionists, translators and subtitlers. We are also dedicated in our mission to make subtitles better for hard of hearing viewers who are all too often let down in terms of accessibility, and are therefore happy to offer free advice in terms of your subtitling requirements.

Be sure to call your chosen subtitle company before agreeing work; if they are helpful, friendly and willing to offer advice and guidance, that’s a good sign that if there are any issues with your subtitles it will be handled correctly.

If you’re interested in our video transcription, English closed captioning or subtitling translation services, contact us today for more information and a no obligation quote.

Subtitle Services

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Closed Captions

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