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Happy Halloween from Capital Captions!

At Capital Captions, we’ve been gearing up for the Halloween holiday season. Going for a Harry Potter theme this year, we’ve pulled out all the stops to get into the holiday spirit. We hope you enjoy our decor and even get some ideas for your own festive celebrations. But for now, let’s keep it relevant and look at subtitling and closed captioning services over the Halloween season.

Do you need subtitles for your horror or sci-fi movie? 

We offer subtitling and closed captioning services for movies of all different genres including horror and sci-fi. When it comes to horror movie captioning, one of the biggest factors is sound description. For example, crashing thunder and lightning, sinister groans, suspenseful creaks and the like make all the difference to hearing viewers. For the deaf and hard of hearing, however, it’s absolutely vital that sound effects descriptions accurately reflect the atmosphere of your movie. This is where professional closed captioning services can make all the difference.

Are you tired of spooky errors showing up in your automated video subtitles?

Our company ethos centres around humans working hard to create quality subtitles at very reasonable prices, and we take the same approach to our holiday season festivities. We don’t go for expensive mass market decorations – we create our own decorations, through research, dedication and hard work.

Do you have terrifyingly short deadlines for your video translations?

If the thought of getting your post production captions ready on time sends shivers down your spine, check out some of our urgent subtitling services. With turnaround times as fast as under 6 hours and under 48 hour standard turnarounds, we have some of the fastest captioning in the industry.

Looking for Monster Translations for your movies? 

If you require subtitle translations for your videos, we offer translation services in countless different languages at highly competitive prices. Working with French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and many more on request. We also offer services to supply forced subtitles for any sci-fi or horror films where fictitious languages may need subtitling. Just think Star Trek’s Klingon or Lord of the Rings’ Elvish.

Lost and confused in the labyrinth that is subtitling services?  

At Capital Captions, we know how scary the world of translation and subtitling services can be to newcomers, and we’re more than happy to help out. Our motto is to be fully transparent with the video to text services we offer, so you never need to worry whether your finished piece of video comes back looking more like a ‘trick’ than a ‘treat’!

If you’d like to find out more about our closed captioning services or subtitle translations, check out our website. Alternatively, contact us for a quote at or give us a call on 01634 867131.

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