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Deaf Without Subtitles or Closed Captions – A Movie Quiz!

Hearing Loss and Subtitling - Movie One-liner quiz

At Capital Captions, we’re aiming to actively promote high quality subtitles and closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. We want to show the hearing community just how much hearing loss impacts  on the viewing experience and just how fundamental subtitles are. We call it Deaf without Subtitles – A Movie Quiz and we hope it helps you appreciate the impact of closed captioning for hearing impaired viewers. 

The idea is a movie quiz including one-liners from some of the biggest movies of all time – with all of the high frequency sounds above 1200hz missing! 

Check it out, and when you’ve finished, scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers!

Deaf Without Subtitles – A Movie Quiz!

Movie Quiz to show the impact of Hearing Loss without Subtitles

For deaf and hearing impaired audiences, following dialogue in a movie with no subtitling can be truly exhausting! High frequency hearing loss is the most common form of deafness and is especially prevalent in age related deafness. What high frequency hearing loss means is that softer sounds can be missed. Those affected typically include ‘s, t, sh, ch, f, p, g, th and h’.  Watching television without subtitling with this audio information missing can feel a bit like solving an audiological puzzle for an hour and a half to three hours!

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy our quiz to learn more about hearing loss and closed captioning. Be sure to share it with your friends and therefore promote subtitles for the deaf!

We provide closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as subtitling services for broadcast and online distribution. Check out the site to see more, and be sure to visit our sister site for more information on hearing loss,. For your answers, see below…




Deaf Without Subtitles – A Movie Quiz (the answers)

Deaf without Subtitling or Closed Captioning Answers

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